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Friday, May 6, 2011

Email 4 Pagi Waktu Tempatan Part 2

Aritu aku post pasal email 4 pagi yang aku terima, n today dah lame tak update so aku pun bukak email n guest what, the LAILA reply my email, mase 1st email die cakap ni:

Salam,my name is laila mohd faisal,i am presently in Uk, My father is from (sabah) Malaysia and my mum from UK,i will be coming to Malaysia for my Vacation soon.i want us to be close before i come to Malaysia so that you can show me around Malaysia when i visit.please feel free to write me ,so we can get to know our self more. hope to hear from you,, my email is

aku reply:  
wow! nice to meet you! Malaysia? Which Part? Sabah or peninsular Malaysia?

Die reply balik:
Am so happy to hear back from you. I want to get to know you better and also for you to get to know me better...My full name  are laila modh faisal,  I am mixed  Malaysian ,my father is Malaysia and my mother is from england...I speak very very little i was born here and lived in London all my life...loll...i am so looking  forward to visit Malaysia very soon ..omg.. I have never been there...i feel  so happy am coming  to my father's land...haaaa...i want to know me single...28 years old....I live in regent street. I am a professional system analyst...that I studied in college....but you parents are so rich...they are company shareholders in old Trafford....they bought so many bank shares for me that pays me now so much

plus picture, tadaaa:

aku dah cuak skit, LAILA ni betul ke tak betul?
so aku reply:
wow, i never thought that you are so dam rich.. lol, again nice to meet you

3 minit kemudian Die balas:

hello baby ..actually i live and work in the UK and  my father is from Sabah a state in Malaysia but since i was born i have never been there that  is why i have chosen to come over and see how Malaysia looks like, and i don’t no anybody in Malaysia because i have never been there, and i went through your profile and chose a man of your kind that i will be with when’ ever am there ,because i don’t no anybody in Malaysia you are the only one that i no ,and you have to show me around when am there because i will be coming by next month i will stay for 2months i hope you will have a enough time for me .i will give  you a call so that you will come and pick me at the airport ok...i will be waiting to read from you thanks hummmkissssssssssssss here is my mobile number +447031899562 you can call me anytime 

plus Gambor lagi... tadaaaa..

  so dalam keadaan rase nak gelak campur ketakutan aku reply:
did i mention to you before this? which Malaysia side will you visit? Penisular or the other side?

(tapi die tak balas k, sebab maybe die pun cuak, sebab die maybe nak try tipu aku, mane taknye aku reply tak sampai 3 minit die balas siap bagi gambo... ni mesti ala-ala cirite melayu... kenal, pastu LAILA dalam kesusahan, bleh u transfer cash kat i... tadaaa. end of the story... buat sape2 yang penah/kenal aweks seperti di dalam gambo nih, n bukan die yang buat email tuh, better korang suh die buat report polis since her picture had been used without authority, hehehe, scam n sham!)

(p/s nasihat korang before this berbaloi gak sebab aku dapat idea nak letak kat post, huhuhu, tapi conclusion aku akan layan email LAILA ni nak tengok sampai mane ending die, sebab before this aku pernah dapat email from American Soldier yang die nak transfer cash kat aku, so ape lagi speaking macam nak gile until that particular guy send his miliraty car to me, so aku pun teliti card askar die, guess what! tadaaa.. totally die tak pandai guna Adobe sampai kesilapan besar kat tandatangan.. lawak betul... nanti ada mase n aku jumpe email American Military tuh aku post plak.. hehehe)

(jujurnya aku just layan mereka nih di email bukan tujuan nak ngorat atau nak duit tapi just to see macam mane dorang nih (si Email) cuba memperdayakan pengguna agar bagi account number or call or make the online relationship, totally memang best klu orang yg cube nak tipu kite, tapi kite berjaya mengetahui tipu muslihat depa,, berbelit aku nak kabo, paham2 sendiri la... best woooooo)

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  1. hahah...slalu gak dpt email2 camni..kunun2 nk trasfer dwet kt kita la..xlayan pun..



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