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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Email 4 Pagi Waktu Tempatan.

Salam,my name is laila mohd faisal,i am presently in Uk, My father is from (sabah) Malaysia and my mum from UK,i will be coming to Malaysia for my Vacation soon.i want us to be close before i come to Malaysia so that you can show me around Malaysia when i visit.please feel free to write me ,so we can get to know our self more. hope to hear from you,, my email is

(ada sape dapat email nih? let me know, if korang jumpe laila ni let me know klu CUN ye.. hehehe.. another spam i guess!)


  1. Mcm nie pun ade ye? Heheheheh...try la! Mane tau, calon gf! =)

  2. lahh,, mcm ni pon ade,, haha ^^

  3. psst ! baru taw sesuatu ! i am ur junior lah ! haha ^^v

  4. alah...ko reply je ckp melayu...klu die org malaysia,mesti die reti ckp melayu... kalau die xreti,ko soh die emel alamat,ko poskan belacan,budu,tempe,sambal kicap...hahaha

  5. salam knl...ammm sa pn nk try lh..huhu mna tau..hehe xba gurau je yer... i folo u..folo e back yer ..
    cara supaya right klik dan hight light teks tidak berfungsi di sesebuah website(blog)



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