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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Chaos In Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt -- Egypt's military moved more aggressively Sunday to take control over parts of the capital, but the sixth day of unrest ended with increasing questions about how much longer President Hosni Mubarak could withstand calls for his resignation, including an electrifying demand from opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei that he step down to "save the country."

Just hours after fighter jets buzzed overhead and a column of tanks tried to enter Cairo's central Tahrir Square, thousands of protesters defied a government-imposed curfew to gather in a peaceful nighttime demonstration that culminated in the dramatic appearance by ElBaradei.

The opposition leader, who earlier in the day won a political endorsement from Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood, promised protesters through a megaphone that "change is coming in the next few  days."|head

--Mubarak, please listen to your people in order to maintain peace and harmony..PEOPLE POWER.. this is what happen when you in the Israel side in Muslim country.. ???  

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