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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Oil Price Increase at World Price but Not For Malaysia RON 95 TQ.

From world news...

GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks rally, oil up slightly
NEW YORK, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Equity markets rallied after a week-long selloff, and crude oil prices edged higher on Friday but were down from peaks earlier in the week on supply fears sparked by the uprising in Libya.

Saudi Arabia raised production about 8 percent to above 9 million barrels per day to make up for a near halt in Libyan exports, an industry source said, helping prices fall further from peaks last seen in 2008.

"The tensions in the Middle East seem to be less at the forefront of the market's mind. The initial panic seems to have subsided a bit," said Phil Gillett, a trader at Spreadex.

From Malaysia Newspaper (KOSMO!)

Harga RON 95 dan diesel tidak naik, kata Menteri, Ismail Sabri (Ayah Dafi). lol thanks bro!

(p/s bukan dah naik ke aritu 10sen... huhu, kasi r diskaun tok warga Malaysian yg mendaftar sebagai pengundi, hehehe kempen lah katekan....) 

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