Sunday, February 27, 2011

Does He/She is Your Partner? (Revision Post Part 1)

ngah sedap2 berblog, skali dating test da.. so jom kite wat revision same-same, klu nak faham parnetship law ceh bace kat conclusion diberi... THINK ABOUT MARRIAGE!
(p/s : post ini dalam MANGLISH (BM+BI) klu slh grammar jgn comment simpan dlm hati je, k and lagi satu sila rujuk kembali notes or lecture anda jika ad kesalahan di sini, sy bkn bdk DEKAN)

Partnership in accordance to Malaysian Law dlm Partnership Act ada 4 element untuk membuktikan si pesalah/pengadu itu merupakan partner kepada business yg die partner tuh (byk ayat partner di sini)

1. The relation of PERSONS
Kenape PERSONS penting cause it shows that more than one persons maybe 2, 3, 4, or max 20.
Wong Peng Yuen vs Senanyake, Plaintiff avoid suffering losses, court held, they are partner, and the consent of two infant not necessary.
Shim Fatt v Leila Road Bus, the Defendant is ordinary partnership but have more than 20 partners so their partnership not valid in law, therefore plaintiff cannot claim their money back.

 2. Carrying on Business
Business defined under s2 of PA that trade, occupation, or profession.
Smith v Anderson, court held that an investment carried solely by trustees on behalf of investors not fall under definition of business in partnership.

3. In common
They must have common intention or objective in making their business.
Aw Yong Wai Choo v Arief Trading Sdn Bhd (IMPORTANT CASE), in this case Arief and Gov of Perak argue that they are not partners but their conduct ie brochure stated 50% of their venture, sharing architect,  checking  account books and SURROUNDING CIRCUMSTANCES, shows that all relevant incidents proof that they are partnership. (Must find real intention in their partnership not necessary by the expressed intention.)

4. with a view of profit
Their partnership must in order to get profit which is monetary gain.

In conclusion, klu kita samekan kehidupan kita ngan business same je, 1st mesti lebih 1 klu sorang je maknenye bukan berpasangan betul tak, 2nd bersama-sama bekerjasama tok menjayakan perkahwinan, klu sorang nak kawin n sorang lagi xmo, gila namanye, 3rd mesti ada pandangan yang sama iaitu KAMI KAWIN atas DASAR ISLAM DAN UNTUK MENCAPAI KEBAHAGIAAN, 4th lasty klu dah kawin mesti nak GAIN BABY... hehehe, berkait jugak ye ngan partnership!. 

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