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Monday, February 7, 2011

Care-care Nak Meramaikan Viewer di Blog Anda! (How to Increase Your Blog Viewer?)


Today lesson is how to increase your viewer to your blog?

1. You need to be the SUPER HANDSOME or BEAUTIFUL person. (klu dah cantik n kacak konferm          ramai viewer yg dtg ke blog anda..LOL)

2. In your blog, put an interesting stories or news. (Porn is the best source!) (sebabnye bilangan umat manusia yg makin ramai gilakan seks di dunia ini.. even research pun membuktikan hampir 1/5 dari umat dunia layari web porn setiap 1 jam!. wow!)

3. If you follow the 1 step, you are too FUCKING PERSON in the world since you believing yourself is that is true! And if you follow the 2nd step, you are going to HELL since you will be the one who commit sin and you are the person who cause the increasing rape problem in the world.. REMEMBER ALL YOU DONE IS ALWAYS BE WATCHING BY GOD!

(p/s: my english is so mess up, so please dont leave a comment about my grammar, the KEY to success your blog is not base on your appearance but base on your creativity how you can entertain your view.. please dont put porn stuff in your blog... PLEASE...)

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