Saturday, February 26, 2011

Libya: The Inside... WHY!

some said :

Taher Nasri, 25, who worked as a sailor in Zwara, said his car was pulled over at a gas station by the Libyan army.
"They pulled us out of the car, dropped us to our knees and then shot rounds next to us on the ground to scare us," Nasri said.

"It was traumatizing. ... We couldn't sleep, we were panicking and running wherever we could just in the desert, just running as far as possible. We simply escaped from the jaws of death," Caruz said, choking back tears.

"We didn't find anything left — my fridge, my bedroom set, my clothes — they were all stolen," added his wife, Sana Mohammad.
"Everyone is carrying a weapon. I even saw a small boy carrying a gun," he said.

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