Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New and Best Way to Proposed Your Lover, Gile Romantik dan Segar!

The best and new way of proposed....

He arranged to have the fake commercial shown before the movie he and fiancee Vy Luong were going to see - in the same theatre where the two had shared their first date in 2004.
"I didn't know it was to me until my picture came up," Ms Luong said. "When it says, 'Vy will you marry me?' I just burst out with tears."
It took the budding musician about four months to write the song and produce the video.
He said the easiest part was getting the movie theatre to play along. While most people ignore coming attractions, Mr Clay told his girlfriend of six years that a mutual friend was being featured in one of the movie trailers.

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To all guys out there, lets do this!
(p/s im single... LOL!)

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